Christian Martial Arts Ministry

An Associate School of the Leeward Kenpo Karate Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is Christian Martial Arts (CMA) Ministry?
A: Christian Martial Arts Ministry, is a youth orientated ministry (but we are open to students of all ages) and is is a Christ centered evangelical outreach of the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, located in the City of San Diego (Encanto/Jamacha), California.

Q: What is the goal of CMA?
A: Our goal is to reach the community at large with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.] 

Q: When did this ministry begin?
A: The ministry began in October, 1994, at St. James Lutheran Church in Imperial Beach, CA., with only six students attending on Thursday nights.

Q: What is your current class size and how many students can you accomodat?
A: The current class size is approximately 25, and we can accommodate up to 50 students.

Q: When do you meet?
A: Currently we met on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Q:What are the fees?
A: The cost to train is $50 per month.

Q: How are the classes structured?
A:Each class begins with prayer. Then stretching and physical conditioning. After this instruction in self-defense and Katas, (Forms). Finally each class ends with approximately 30 minutes of Biblical instruction and prayer.

Q: What do you emphasize in your training?
A. We emphasize the development of speed, agility, strength, and a keen mind.  Our style of instruction is a no-nonsense form of Kenpo Karate called Kajukenbo.  We are a traditional school that teaches the original style of Kajukenbo.  Christ's love, the Gospel, and God's plan of salvation are central to all that we teach.