Christian Martial Arts Ministry

An Associate School of the Leeward Kenpo Karate Association

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Leeward Kenpo Karate's Trinity Christian Martial Arts Ministry and School

The Leeward Kenpo Karate-Christian Martial Arts Ministry, is a youth orientated ministry and is a Christ centered evangelical outreach of the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, located in San Diego, California.  Our goal is to reach the youth and the community at large with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We do this through the instruction of traditional KAJUKENBO.

While our goal is to reach the youth of San Diego, we accept students of all ages.  All instruction is $50 per month, but scholarships are available for those who need them. The only other cost is for uniforms, ($20 to $30), and for testing/promotion to the next rank, ($35 to $45).

A free will offering is accepted at each class, along with congregational donations, (all monies collected are managed by the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church, and are used to offset the price of uniforms, training equipment, and testing for some students. In addition, monies collected are used to supply Bibles and reprints of a condensed version of Martin Luther's Small Catechism, along with occasional outings and picnics, and food assistance for families when requested).